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Global Wedding has been in the overseas wedding planning services since 2004. We have hundreds of weddings under our veil to locations including Guam, Bali, Phuket, Sapporo, Okinawa, Greece, Paris, Florence, Cairns, Korea and more. Not only that we are the pioneer in overseas wedding planning services, we continue to explore and introduce to our customers new and spectacular venues and destinations for their wedding events, such as hosting wedding party on board the unique icon of the Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong, the classic European legendary tall ship replica of the 18th Century original H.M.A.V. Bounty known as “The Bounty”. Our team has a wealth of experience in planning all wedding types, including romantic stays perfect for just the two of you, tranquil ceremonies in boutique resorts and larger celebrations in family-friendly resorts. We are ready to help your to make educated choices about the wedding package that meets your needs and will guide you through wedding budgets, styles, inclusions, extras and ceremony legalities. In addition, we strive to help ensure your special day is a huge success.

本公司成立於2004,為全港第一家提供全面海外婚禮服務的公司。 我們更為郭羨妮安排婚禮,在關島留下美滿的回憶。 我們的海外婚禮服務包括-教堂租用、佈置、婚妙禮服、化妝、攝影、錄影及其它所需安排。令生活煩忙的都市人可以 輕鬆安排婚禮!

為了提供更全面的服務,我們新添了希臘婚禮,韓國濟州婚禮及首爾拍攝,緊貼潮流,為新人提供服務。 濟民號-也為新人提供了一個不用離開香港也能舉行一個與別不同的婚禮,濟民為本港唯一的仿古歐洲高桅桿帆船, 在來港前曾參與多套荷里活電影,可謂星光煜煜!


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    • Thank you for your interest in our Guam wedding package. Our Overseas Wedding Package has been sent to your email for your reference. Please feel free to ask if you are interested in our wedding package. Thank you!



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